Monday, 12 May 2014

Easter in New York

Part One: Williamsburg

I think I'm getting a bit obsessed with America. This trip to New York was our fourth trip in five years. After tramping all over California, it was time to go see the relations. Not really such a bad deal when they live in Brooklyn, New York. 

We had such a good time I came back feeling like we had concentrated a month's worth of fabulous company, great food, fantastic sights and wonderful drinks into five days. I'm starting with my favourites from Williamsburg as this was where we stayed and we spent a good bit of time mooching around the neighbourhood.


Now, I'm no stranger to baked goods so I know what I like. Everything here was incredible. I'm glad I don't live next to this place. I would not be able to contain myself. Highlight has got to be the biscuits, like a scone but more buttery (no picture, I ate it too fast).

I got a LOT of reaction when I posted the picture below on twitter. Brioche french toast with candied bacon. Not much more to be said really. I just wish I had more time to go back and try the Eggs Rothko (egg cooked in brioche with cheese on top) which sounded similarly artery clogging and delicious.

Peter Pan Bakery (really in Greenpoint but pretty close to Williamsburg)
The best donuts I've ever had. Light and airy and incredibly addictive. This place is old school. As well as the donuts we sat at the counter with the old timers, drank coffee and ate a flagel stuffed with egg, cheese and tomato. A real highlight of the trip.

Dinner and drinks:

We came here first to have a cocktail in the sunshine in their hidden garden (tipped off by someone in the know). We brought The Relations back to try it out for dinner. Tasty comfort food, delightfully friendly service and a very cosy dining room (I'm a big fan of cosy) made it an all round winner.


Almost overpowering chocolate smells and chocolate production in action right in front of you. A great place to pop in and pick up some goodies.

We were only in the country a couple of hours and we were already tucking into this delicious stuff. I was pretty tired at this point but I think the red one was raspberry peppercorn or something like that. Whatever it was, it was absolutely delicious (not unlike Cambridge's own Jack's Gelato). 

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