Monday, 5 May 2014

Eat Cambridge 2014

There are so many delights to look forward to at this year's Eat Cambridge festival. Personally, I'm thrilled I've managed to score a spot at Ozzy's Food Photography workshop at Alimentum on Sunday 11th May. I also couldn't resist the Steak and Honour plus Jack's Gelato feast at Fitzbillies on Friday 9th May so that's been booked for a few weeks now. Combined with the Street Food Market on Saturday 10th May, next weekend is looking pretty piggy. The best kind of weekend really.

Of course I have my cocktail talk at the main event to get ready for. I've spent this weekend filtering and bottling some delicious infusions that have been maturing in my cellar (or dining room cupboard if you want to get technical). I'm part of a wonderful line up so it's definitely worth stopping by. What can you expect if you take the plunge and come to hear me speak? Well there will be samples. I can hardly talk about cocktails and not give you a taste. I'm going to describe my scientific (think foolproof formula) for making wonderful cocktails, how I try to get the best out of our local ingredients (drinking Cambridge as I like to call it), coping with cocktail emergencies and the best places to get a cocktail in Cambridge (other than at my house). And if that's not enough, did I mention the samples?

See you on the 17th May at the Guildhall.

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