Sunday, 22 March 2015

Allotment diary part 3: shoots

Monty was right. The bucket-on-the-rhubarb technique works a treat, though I probably shouldn't be taking it off for the sake of a photograph. A couple more weeks and I think it will be ready for consumption.

We planted potatoes this weekend! The first time we have planted anything in the back bed of our allotment. This feels like real progress. We also have these lovely leeks doing well. The man with amazing allotment next to us gave these to us as seedlings late last year. He is really generous and doesn't laugh too much at our sporadic efforts. When these leeks are ready I'm going to make a big pot of leek and potato soup and pretend I'm at home with my mum who makes the best leek and potato soup in the world.

The first of the seeds I planted last week are already sprouting and I've kept to my strict seed sowing schedule (kale this week). I'm going to run out of space in my living room soon.

The sun came out this week for my front and back photos. Hopefully in a couple of weeks you'll be able to see a real difference.

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  1. It's looking great. I'll make some leek and potato soup just for you on your next trip home!